Our Approach to Learning

Our practical and relational approach to learning focuses on personalized and immersive experiences to create visible personal and organizational impact.


Our pedagogy focuses on behavior, attitudes, skills and knowledge that improve capabilities and performance all within the learner’s context. We provide space for both knowledge and skill development as well as experiential processes that enable and encourage the practice of learning.

Holistic and Humanistic

We blend ideas and perspectives to develop the whole person, group or organization. We excel at learning that enables personal growth, focusing on challenging and expanding:

Mindset (attitudes and beliefs)

Interpersonal skills

People's ability to challenge, influence and shape culture and processes


Adults learn best through observation, reflection, and interaction with others. We forge a high degree of personal connection between and with participants, creating a learning community. We prioritize connections through:

Multiple opportunities to interact with teachers and other international participants

Communicative and discussion-based learning that support confidence and interaction

Feedback on personal development


We encourage discussion of, and employ simulations based on real challenges, set within your business context - providing challenging and practical opportunities to build capabilities. We keep your experience relevant by using:

Input from professional and social situations

Sessions and simulations linking learning to real-world needs

Learning outcomes aligned with business KPIs

Opportunities to reflect on learning and demonstrate professional impact

Immersive and Experiential

Immersing yourself in a topic, language and culture is the very best way to learn. This is because it creates the conditions for powerful experiential learning, whether online or in person. We bring education to life by:

Providing exposure to real life challenges in natural settings

Creating a safe space in which to experiment and supporting learners to step out of their comfort zones

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