Learning Analytics

We know we need to demonstrate learner satisfaction and growth, as well as organizational impact and return on investment, to our clients. That’s why we apply learning analytics to all our digital platforms and have comprehensive assessment tools to measure impact.


At the start of every program or broader learning intervention, we consider what success will look like. We agree success targets, for the organization as well as for the learner, and how we will measure them.

Get full transparency

To give our clients fully transparent and immediate access to their learner’s progress, each of our online learning platforms includes easy-to-use, accurate and fully integrated tracking and reporting tools as standard.

Understand your learners

Our language learning analytics tool provides at-a-glance overviews, as well as detailed reports, of student progress in relation to targets as well as class satisfaction scores. Results can be filtered by country, business unit and course type or by individual student.

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