Skills Assessment

We evaluate participants’ capabilities and focus on how they can be more successful, develop their skills, and work more effectively with others.


Our experts have developed self-assessment tools to help individuals and teams identify their skills gaps and development needs, as well as the capabilities needed to tackle them.

Explore two examples of our Skills Assessments in action:

Development Mapper

The diagnostic Development Manager tool helps define priorities both by identifying skills gaps and pressing business needs and by assessing your organization's capabilities to handle them. This ground-breaking free, online tool helps teams and organizations address development needs. It can be used by individuals looking to accelerate their personal growth within a company, managers wanting to develop their team’s performance, or HR directors and senior executives thinking about their organization’s learning and development needs.

Coaching Behaviors Questionnaire

The Coaching Behaviors Questionnaire enables managers, consultants and coaches to look at the ways they intervene and interact with their teams. Developed by Professor Erik de Haan, Director of the Ashridge Center for Coaching, the Coaching Behaviors Questionnaire maps managers, consultants and coaches on six intervention styles, identifying which ones they use the most. The questionnaire is relevant for all leaders and managers who want to look at their style of intervention when they try to help, support and coach their teams.

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