On-Demand Learning Platform

Leadership Live is our online executive education platform to support organizations in upskilling and reskilling employees for the future world of work, equipping them with future-focused capabilities and behaviours.

Personalized education

Leadership Live offers a personalized learning journey to adapt to each employee’s needs at all levels in the organization. Business-school content on human-centred skills combined with the latest technology make sure the learning journey is always relevant for the employee.

Exclusive content

We cover future-focused skills to aid employee career growth with the right capabilities and behaviours for their current and future role, and supporting organizational development and transformation goals. Enhance Leadership Live with curated playlists and organization specific content to support your employees’ unique development journeys.

Exclusive content with Leadership Live

Live lessons from our faculty

With our platform, learners get access to live lessons from Executive Education specialists at Hult International Business School. As renowned thought leaders in the field, our faculty members have practical and extensive business experience, and are often senior business executives (CEOs, CHROs, Heads of Strategy and Transformation)​.

Live lessons with Leadership Live

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Easy to implement, easy to access

Available on any device and browser, to study anywhere, anytime.

Smooth LMS Integration

Depending on the organization’s needs, Leadership Live can exist as a standalone platform or be integrated seamlessly with any LXP, LMS or intranet. Learners can easily access their training with a single sign-on.

Learning Analytics Tools

Our HR Dashboard provides L&D and HR teams with live analytics and insights on their learners' activity and progress. We make suggestions to drive overall engagement and ROI.

Full program management

Learner support and push notifications ensure high engagement and impact for our partners with minimum resources.

Dedicated support

As a partner, you will also have a dedicated Client Success Manager who is trained to deliver on your outcomes and maximize engagement and impact.

High level of customization

Customize to your organization’s requirements and specific needs with company branding, curated playlists and exclusive hosted content aimed at targeted groups of users

How it works

Top-quality content is created by our expert faculty and delivered in a variety of formats to suit different learning styles.


Short diagnostics and self-assessments identify a learner’s professional development and leadership needs and suggest relevant certificate courses and curated playlists.

Curated playlists

Curated playlists bring together a sequence of content targeted for your organization’s development goals and participants’ learning levels and requirements.

Certificate courses

In-depth, multi-part online courses focus on key professional development topics, with a digital certificate awarded upon completion.

Faculty insights

We present the latest thought leadership and research from our top faculty, including reports, articles, webinars and podcasts.

Live lessons

During 45-minute live lessons, our faculty deliver insights and practical tips on the most trending and relevant skills, and make time for learners to apply these with peers from across our client organizations, and in their workplace.

Learning bites

Bite-sized and interactive content created by our renowned faculty, in the form of 15 minute scenario exercises, and 20 minute podcasts and practical toolkits, all focused on key leadership development topics.

Creating impact across business challenges

The fundamental skills needed in business today are those that cannot be automated. Leadership Live helps employees enhance the skills needed to face today’s most pressing business challenges.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

High-Potential Talent Attraction and Retention

Wellbeing and Resilience

Digital Transformation

Post M&A Integration

Working and Leading Remotely

Global Mobility Strategies

Leadership Challenges

Cultural Transformation

Leading Sustainably


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