Creating a Coaching Culture workshops

Fostering a Leader-as-Coach Mindset. This employee-centered solution has been created specifically for organizations who would like support in cultivating an internal coaching culture, through coaching skills workshops.

Coaching culture workshop

These workshops make coaching accessible to all and has the power to truly transform the effectiveness of individuals and teams at every level.

About the workshops

When your employees have the skills and awareness to hold effective coaching conversations, they empower team members to bring the very best of themselves to work and to make long-term contributions to the organization.

In our workshops, your employees will learn how to hold effective coaching conversations in any situation and discover how they can build a coaching culture within their team and the wider organization.

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Workshop rundown

Participants practice the skills developed during sessions by engaging in coaching conversations with each other and they receive real-time feedback from the coach leading the workshop. Our workshops are designed to meet your requirements.


Workshops are typically between a half a day and two days in length, and they can be structured as half-day sessions.

Group discussion

Workshop participants practice these skills by engaging in coaching conversations with each other and they receive real-time feedback from the coach leading the workshop.

Focus areas

Workshops focus on either Attentiveness & Active Listening (what the leader notices in a coaching scenario) or Inquisitiveness & Questioning (helping the employee think things through)

Who attends

For anyone in your organization. Between 6 - 18 participants can be accomodated


At any time convenient for you. Get in touch to arrange


We run the workshops face to face, or virtually.

Riyad Bank is extremely grateful to Hult EF for working as a genuine learning partner, being extremely responsive to group needs, and delivering real personal impact for participants.
Commissioning Client Stakeholder, Riyad Bank

Let the results speak for themselves

Transformational impact through coaching


found that their confidence was enhanced through coaching


indicated smarter goal-setting


improved their work relationships

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