Supervision & CPD

Perfect for any organization operating internal coaching programs. Supervision and CPD allows coaches to step outside of their bubble to discover new tools and information they can use to better support their practise, and your employees.

Supervision and CPD

Supervision ensures high standards and ethical delivery of coaching.

About supervision & CPD

Essential development tools that allow your coaches to learn on the basis of their existing work with employees.

  • Sessions with coach supervisors give coaches a space for reflection where they can review their work with another professional, one-to-one or in small groups.

  • Supervisors are experienced coaches themselves who promote development through conversation.

  • This relationship is a working alliance where coaches can confidentially offer an account of their work, reflect on it and receive feedback and guidance to help them improve.

What's involved

Depending on your coaches’ needs, the supervision sessions may fall into one of these categories:


Ensuring coaching meets the standards expected of coaches in general


Supports resilience and confidence by providing coaches with a supportive environment to reflect on challenges


Developing and enhancing coaching skills by providing coaches with the opportunity to practice and reflect with an experienced professional who can provide insights and additional frameworks

Supervision Groups

For organizations with large internal coaching programs, we can offer group sessions to accommodate a large number of coaches at the same time

Our coach supervisors

Our coach supervisors and coaches go through a thorough selection process before they can begin working with us.

Core requirements include Ashridge or IFC accreditation, 10-15 years of previous business experience at a senior level, training in a range of methods and techniques, continuous development and regular coaching supervision.

I think the opportunity the supervisor provided us with to slow down and reflect on our own practice is invaluable. They were adept at helping us identify the source of our current anxiety and then simplifying the issue so that we could look at it more objectively. The theme of one of my recent supervision discussions was the value we bring and how to demonstrate that in a system that deals in data and evidence through counting numbers. There was a real lightbulb moment for me during the supervision, it was a turning point.

Coach, Multinational Bank Internal coach program

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improved their work relationships

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