Change & Culture

Supporting individuals to develop their change leadership skills, and enabling organization-wide culture change.

Our approach

The term "change" has become synonymous with business in the 21st Century. It is no longer a one-off event but a continuous and agile process. Enabling change requires certain skills and behaviors. It also requires a culture that is accepting of, and ready for change.

We see change not as top-down or imposed, but as participative and generative. We use agile, engaged, and collaborative approaches to encourage this mindset within your people to support behavioural, strategic or culture shifts.

We offer an adaptive partnership approach, centered in facilitating dialogue, working with you as coach, enabler, critical friend, and challenger.

How we can support you

We work with you to create a robust ecosystem of activities that bring together the key elements of any successful culture change. Some areas where we support individuals and organizations are:

Development of leaders, managers, and other change agents' capability to lead change

Adaptive and sustainable culture change through Organizational Development

Organizational agility

Organization design

Working with diversity and difference (including gender balance, cultural differences, cognitive diversity)

Building relational leadership and collaborative capability

Board and Executive team development – development to support intact teams working together

Digital transformation

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Learning formats

We offer fully customized solutions for your needs, as well as ready-to-learn open programs.

Fully customized solutions

We have deep expertise designing and delivering customized learning solutions rooted in client inquiry and co-creation. Our solutions relate to real business challenges, and have meaningful impact.
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Ready-to-learn programs

We offer a full range of open enrollment programs, for leaders of all levels: senior executives, managers and directors or high potentials
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