Innovation & Digital Transformation

Supporting the growth of innovative leaders capable of leading large-scale, organization-wide transformation.

Our approach

Businesses need to create the culture, space, psychological safety, and processes that enable and encourage innovative leaders to develop and to drive creativity and discovery. For many, innovation is focused on digital transformation. We support you to form your strategic view and to make transformation happen.

We believe innovation is about people. Processes and technologies support innovation; however, it is people that give energy to transformation.

We examine the cognitive, emotional, and behavioural skills of successful innovators, helping organizations identify where they need to focus their capability development. We ‘bring the outside in’- connecting people to current best practice, futurist perspectives - expanding their thinking and their networks.

We focus on:

Making innovation everyone’s business and a key part of leadership.

How we can support you

We help people develop and understand how to balance leadership skills and behaviour; making tough decisions without compromising their humanity; turning change into opportunity; being innovative while managing the day-to-day; dealing with complex challenges while coaching their team and being personally resilient.

Context and strategy: We understand why innovation matters ‘now’ – opening people’s minds to the potential of the digitized future

Outside in – inspiration and learning: We introduce new ideas and develop a growth mindset.

Mindset and creative thinking: We explore and, if necessary, rekindle participants’ creativity.

Agile methodologies: We provide frameworks that your organization can use to successfully innovate.

The human side of innovation and digital transformation: Creating a culture where innovation thrives so that transformation can occur. A culture that is open, takes risks and is resilient when things fail.

Digital transformation: We focus on implementation and the skills to support it.

Learning formats

We offer fully customized solutions for your needs, as well as ready-to-learn open programs.

Fully customized solutions

We have deep expertise designing and delivering customized learning solutions rooted in client inquiry and co-creation. Our solutions relate to real business challenges, and have meaningful impact.
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Ready-to-learn programs

We offer a full range of open enrollment programs, for leaders of all levels: senior executives, managers and directors or high potentials
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