Program Management

A great learning experience requires a truly personalized approach and exceptionally smooth logistical delivery. As a result, we offer expert program and relationship management teams to every client.


Our Client Relationship Managers develop a close partnership with their client and a deep understanding of their business objectives. This allows them to better contextualise the learning experience, making it directly applicable to an individual’s experience. In addition, our team of experienced project and participant managers ensure the smooth delivery of all programs, from the technical support, to data security, to all the ‘behind the scenes’ planning.

How we work

We have four teams involved in relationship and program management, all working seamlessly together.

Client relationship manager

Your central point of contact - a trusted advisor for your learning needs.

Program director

Guiding you and your participants on the learning journey - bringing everything together from inquiry and design, all the way to evaluation and impact.

Project manager

Focused on planning and commercial arrangements, working with your L&D team to make sure all elements of the program are carefully organised and delivered

Participant manager

A central point of contact for all questions and concerns from participants during the program. This includes logistics and technical support.

The management of the program has been excellent. Great service, highly personalized, detail orientation was everywhere. 


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