Organizational Development

We offer a relational coaching and consulting practice which focuses on developing organizational capabilities through alignment of people, strategy, structure, processes and rewards. We draw on ideas that see organizations as social processes, including sociology, behavioral science, complexity, and systems thinking.

Our approach

We work relationally and collaboratively, partnering and co-creating with clients to enable sustainable change within an organization. We seek ongoing mutual influence between the client and ourselves.

Organizational change is not something that can be done to people.

Organizations are a set of complex human interactions, so with any form of whole systems change, everyone plays a role - with leaders being "powerful participants." We consciously and responsibly shift how people engage with each other and build change agency as a skill. We actively involve a broad cross-section of people, and work with the existing culture in order to reinforce the desired cultural shift.

We work with people.

We work with people, not impose on them, to co-create new ways of working and to harness the power of people to change organizations. This generates the high levels of energy required to bring about fundamental and sustained cultural change. Many change initiatives unwittingly reinforce existing cultural patterns and beliefs. We help surface deep cultural beliefs and assumptions in order to disrupt existing cultural patterns to allow the new to emerge.

Our focus areas

We work with you to identify the challenges and offer customized solutions, from one-to-one coaching to large group events. We focus on:

Inquiry & dialogue

Enabling and encouraging participation

Relational and value-based working

How people interact

Working on real organizational challenges

Balancing practical and human concerns

Supporting and reinforcing the learning

Culture shift as a skill and capability

Working across disciplines

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How we can support you

We work with you to create sustainable change and transformation in your organization.

Acknowledging the genuine issues in your organization and working collaboratively around them.

Developing your team of OD consultants and experts.

Developing your board and executive team.

Our Credentials

We are internationally regarded as a Centre of Excellence for organizational development (OD). For several decades, under our former Executive Education brand, Ashridge, we have been at the forefront of developing OD consultants and change agents through innovative development programs and leading research.

We create award-winning custom programs – such as those with Diabetes UK, NIHR and Swarovski, that are informed with our expertise in OD and Change, enhancing the impact of leadership development and ensuring the programs are relevant and fit the organizational context.

OD practitioners are developed every year through our Doctoral program in Organizational Change, as well as through custom programs for clients such as Bayer, Suntory and the Home Office.


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