Hult EF Corporate Education Wins Gold Award for its One Worldline Academy Talent Development Program

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Hult EF Corporate Education, in collaboration with Worldline, has been honored with a prestigious gold award for their exceptional talent development program, the One Worldline Academy. The recognition for the EFMD Excellence in Practice Awards 2023 gold medal was bestowed by EFMD, acknowledging the program's outstanding contribution to shaping future leaders.

Heidi Kopec, Global Head of People Development & Engagement at Worldline, expressed her delight at receiving the EFMD gold medal, highlighting the fruitful partnership between Hult EF and Worldline.

She said: "Receiving the EFMD gold medal for our One Worldline Academy talent development programme was a great success for us. The common program development together with Hult EF started in 2020. Together we are on an intensive journey with a great partnership, constantly improving our programme.

As Gilles Grapinet, CEO of Worldline, wrote in his quote, ‘We want to recognize and further develop talented managers, reward achievements and help them to grow to the next level’.

We are looking forward to further developing together the programme to prepare Worldline talents to become better leaders.”

Bjorn Bengtsson, President of Hult EF Corporate Education & Tanja Levine, Vice President, Hult EF Corporate Education were proud to accept the award.

They said: "We are delighted to accept this award on behalf of Hult EF alongside our valued client Worldline. We are proud to play a part in this exciting and innovative academy project, which is helping to transform the organization for the future and is already uncovering new ideas to power sustainability and drive the business forward.”

The success of the partnership was also celebrated by Sona Sherratt, Professor of Practice at Hult EF Corporate Education.

She said: “We are thrilled to have been recognized with a gold award for this partnership between Worldline and Hult EF. As the Program Director, it is a privilege to work so closely with the talented employees at Worldline and support them on their leadership and innovation journey.

The current Academy design and delivery is an outcome of many people’s efforts and has continually evolved based on Worldline’s purpose and transformation impact in this world.”

The gold award serves as a testament to Hult EF's commitment to excellence in corporate education and their ability to deliver impactful talent development programs. It showcases their dedication to partnering with organizations like Worldline to shape the leaders of tomorrow, empowering them to make a difference in an ever-changing business landscape.

With this recognition, Hult EF and Worldline eagerly anticipate the opportunity to create more change through the One Worldline Academy, equipping Worldline's talents with the skills and knowledge needed to excel as visionary leaders – reimagining the future together.

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