Coaching for Board Members

For Chair-persons, Board Directors and Trustees. Whatever your sector, our board-level coaching will support you in your leadership purpose.

Board member senior

50% of leaders at this level say they confide in their coach more than anyone else.

About board member coaching

Being a board member of a company is a significant responsibility. It takes commitment, passion and time to prioritize organizational health above all else. Coaching can help to:

Gain clarity on your unique leadership purpose at this level

Understand how you, as a board member or trustee, experience your role

Assess individual strengths and weaknesses and how these play in to your position

Identify blind spots or areas of political and strategic improvement

Develop impact and executive presence

A confidential space to confide in someone about the unique experiences at this level of leadership

Highly confidential bespoke matching

Our coaching for Board Members provides offers bespoke matching service for coach and coachee.

The coaching experience is highly tailored to you or your organization's unique context.

Confidential bespoke matching

What's included

  • Up to 3 free chemistry meetings to get the the match right

  • Access to our coaching platform to book sessions, set goals, monitor progress

  • With 12+ hours of coaching, clients can have either unlimited access to our online learning platform, Leadership-Live, or a choice of any psychometric assessment to support their development

  • End of engagement evaluation and impact reporting

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Let the results speak for themselves

Transformational impact through coaching


Felt coaching was an essential part of their personal development.


Success in matching coach and coachee due to our focus on chemistry.

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