Coaching for High Potentials

This is for those rising stars in organizations, to develop leadership capabilities and accelerate career growth.

High potentials

100% focus on chemistry. Accredited coaches. Proven relational technique.

About coaching for high potentials

High potential employees have the potential, ability and ambition to succeed in organizations. One of the most important talent assets to any company, they show a glimpse of future leadership. Nurturing and engaging this talent group is vital and often, a more tailored approach to learning and development is needed to maintain the drive, passion and creativity that is so often displayed by this wonderful talent group.

Develop a robust leadership pipeline who feel nurtured and valued, it's never too early

Develop the individuals' influencing capabilities, vital skills for future senior roles

Help them develop greater self awareness, which will enable them to be agile and adapt

Motivate them to explore, identify and achieve their potential

Give them that confidential space to overcome self limiting beliefs

What's included

  • Up to 3 free chemistry meetings to get the the match right

  • Access to our coaching platform to book sessions, set goals, monitor progress

  • With 12+ hours of coaching, clients can have either unlimited access to our online learning platform, Leadership-Live, or a choice of any psychometric assessment to support their development

  • End of engagement evaluation and impact reporting

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Getting started with one-to-one coaching is easy through our portal

On-boarding with Hult EF coaching is easy. Through our coaching platform, you and your employees can:

  • browse 300+ coaches

  • book chemistry meetings

  • manage sessions

  • track goals and monitor progress

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Let the results speak for themselves

Transformational impact through coaching


Felt coaching was an essential part of their personal development.


Success in matching coach and coachee due to our focus on chemistry.

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