Impact & Resilience Coaching

Build personal impact and resilience through coaching, an essential part of leadership.

Impact and resilience

Resilience building is one of the most common reasons people seek coaching.

About coaching for impact & resilience

Resilience is the ability to react and adapt to challenges, a positive mindset is crucial to sustaining momentum. When individuals and teams feel resilient, they feel energised and are able to approach challenges with a great sense of confidence and optimism. This in turn, allows them to have more impact in their roles and organization.

Build the ability to adapt and flex to the obstacles that work and life presents.

Develop the mental processes and behaviors needed to protect from stressors.

Allows for a space to reflect, to gain perspective on the bigger picture

Developing the ability to bounce-back from setbacks at work, and take it in their stride

Becoming more resilient builds confidence and impact

Encouraging a focus on strengths and address limiting beliefs

It’s been a pleasure to work with Hult EF, not only because the coaches are of the highest level, but also because they go the extra mile to make sure the matching and chemistry sessions and connections are seamless and well thought out.

HR Director, LEO Pharma

What's included

  • Up to 3 free chemistry meetings to get the the match right

  • Access to our coaching platform to book sessions, set goals, monitor progress

  • With 12+ hours of coaching, clients can have either unlimited access to our online learning platform, Leadership-Live, or a choice of any psychometric assessment to support their development

  • End of engagement evaluation and impact reporting

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Getting started with one-to-one coaching is easy through our portal

On-boarding with Hult EF coaching is easy. Through our coaching platform, you and your employees can:

  • browse 300+ coaches

  • book chemistry meetings

  • manage sessions

  • track goals and monitor progress

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Let the results speak for themselves

Transformational impact through coaching


Felt coaching was an essential part of their personal development.


Success in matching coach and coachee due to our focus on chemistry.

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