Performance Coaching

Improve performance, encourage continuous improvement.

Performance coaching

Focus on chemistry. Accredited coaches. Proven relational technique.

About performance coaching

Performance coaching, like any coaching, is an on-going process which aims to improve an employee’s delivery in the workplace. It's not about intervention, but about providing support, sharing feedback, and encouraging continuous improvement.

A coach supports an employee’s progress towards established performance goals

The focus is on helping and supporting the individual so that they can maximize their potential

The coach will encourage 360 feedback, gathering as much information as possible to inform the path ahead

Self-awareness and constructive feedback are key to this type of coaching

Performance coaching can deter the individual from repeating certain unhelpful patterns of behaviour.

The right 'challenge', often from a coach, can also help someone become more committed to their own performance

What's included

  • Up to 3 free chemistry meetings to get the the match right

  • Access to our coaching platform to book sessions, set goals, monitor progress

  • With 12+ hours of coaching, clients can have either unlimited access to our online learning platform, Leadership-Live, or a choice of any psychometric assessment to support their development

  • End of engagement evaluation and impact reporting

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Getting started with one-to-one coaching is easy through our portal

On-boarding with Hult EF coaching is easy. Through our coaching platform, you and your employees can:

  • browse 300+ coaches

  • book chemistry meetings

  • manage sessions

  • track goals and monitor progress

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