What’s left for the human leader in a world of AI?

In a world where technology is reshaping the way we work and lead, one question remains at the forefront: What's left for the human leader in a world of AI?

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AI is a powerful engine to make bold decisions and drive change. But the decision-maker must still be human.

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With AI forcing a reimagining of the organization and those needed to operate within it, human qualities are becoming increasingly important. A new type of leader needs to emerge, who can use AI tools to inform their decision-making but is still able to make the final call themselves. This on-demand webinar brings together a panel of experts to dive deep into this pivotal topic and provide you with the insights you need to enable your organizations and leaders to embrace AI.

What you will be able to take away

  • Why the human leader still has a vital role in today’s uncertain world

  • What human qualities are most important for leaders to develop to harness AI as a tool

  • How AI can complement leaders in their decision-making process

  • How your organization can embrace AI as an enabler of leadership

  • How AI super-leaders are change-makers and will drive transformative shifts in organizations

Meet your speakers

Our panel explore the impact of AI on how our leaders communicate, perform and lead.

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