What's sustainability got to do with HR?

The scale of the climate challenge the world is facing means that organizations need to place sustainability at the heart of everything they do, but what can HR do to drive change? Watch our on-demand webinar to explore how to embed a culture of sustainability in your organization

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One of our expert panelists' recent articles discusses how HR can be change-makers for sustainability.

Watch the webinar on-demand

With COP28 fast approaching, leaders around the world are reminded that sustainability is no longer optional, but an imperative. Not just for governments, but also for business. HR teams are in a unique position to influence behaviors and policies across an organization. Drawing on valuable insights from senior leaders, we discuss what HR can do to drive sustainability.

What you will be able to take away

In this 60-minute on-demand webinar our expert panel discusses:

  • How HR can best influence the organization to achieve one over-arching sustainability strategy

  • How HR can help manage the seemingly opposite concepts of sustainability and profitability

  • What practical steps HR and L&D can take to build a culture of sustainability in their organization


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