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How to influence your employees’ view on training

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Here are some practical tips to help you develop an effective company training program and create a language training-friendly work environment:

Use role models

Do any of your learners really stand out as top performers? If your answer is yes, this is great opportunity to use these learners as role models for the rest of your employees.

Top performers can provide you with invaluable insights into their mindset and training methods. Interview these learners and see if there are any approaches that are transferrable to other employees.

If your top performers are happy to be training role models, ask them to write a weekly training blog or monthly article to spread their enthusiasm and best practices to other learners.

Face the fears

Keep in mind that some people struggle with the unfamiliar so it’s important to take time to ensure everyone is comfortable with the training program you have chosen.

Introductory workshops can help build familiarity with the training program by walking your employees through the functionality. Create an open environment where people feel free to ask questions or air any concerns.

Set achievable goals

Setting an end-goal and assessing progress along the way can be an effective strategy for shifting an employee’s mindset towards learning.

Encourage your employees to keep track of their progress and to monitor new skills they have learned. Instigate initiatives which enable your learners to see their progression, for example by attending a meeting in English or giving a presentation in English.

Encourage employee buy-in

Building enthusiasm and engagement among your employees is essential for the success of your training program. Communicating the benefits and reasons behind the choice of training is an effective strategy to achieving this step.

Explain the benefits of the chosen training program and what you hope they will gain from it. This will help to build enthusiasm and buy-in on both a personal and professional level.

Anchor the change

Once you have successfully changed the learning mindset in your organization it is important to make this change stick by embedding it in your corporate culture. This can be achieved through highly visible and frequent communication across your organization. Internal marketing is key to ensure you communicate training success stories across your organization and you’re sure to see results.

It’s also important that your organization’s leadership team visibly support the training programs and communicate how it links back to the corporate mission and vision.

If you’d like to find out more about how to create an effective company training program, download our e-book: How To Create Positive Mindsets Towards Learning.

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