Leadership Essentials

A fully scalable, flexible and facilitator-led live learning solution to develop the core leadership skills of your first-time managers and high-potentials.

Develop core leadership skills

Today’s rapidly changing world of work requires businesses to ensure high potentials & first-time managers have core leadership skills to inspire others, manage through change, support business growth and propel innovation.​ Those core leadership skills include:

Managing in times of uncertainty

Leading remote teams

Developing new business models

Implementing culture change

Ensuring employee well-being

Encouraging curiosity, adaptability and flexibility

Scalable and flexible live-learning

Leadership Essentials is delivered online through exclusive and interactive business school content, quizzes and self-assessments, as well as live workshops to put learning into practice and exchange with leaders from different teams and geographies.

Designed for first-time managers

Leadership Essentials is designed for high-potentials, first-time managers, junior managers who need upskilling or reskilling, senior individual contributors/experts who are taking on a management role for the first time, and middle managers who need a step up. Leadership Essentials offers:

The right content for your leaders

A choice of 45 business school leadership courses, all delivered online

Interactive live-learning

Live workshops led by expert facilitators to discuss learning and put it into practice

Measurable impact

Quizzes and self-assessment to check progress and measure impact

Motivation to learn

Digital certificates to motivate learners and give them a sense of achievement

Delivered by learning experts

Delivered through our state-of-the-art online platform, your organization and your learners are fully supported

A seamless user experience through single sign-on and full integration into your LMS/LXPs

A customized look and feel of your brand

Live reporting to provide an instant overview through our platform or fed back into yours

Nudges to drive engagement, increase completion rates, and instill a culture of continuous learning

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