Online Masterclasses

Bite-sized, interactive 2-hour live sessions on critical business skills,  taught by our world-class faculty in closed groups.


These short, engaging masterclasses cover a full range of business-critical topics essential to career growth. Targeted at high potentials to mid-level managers, our masterclasses are available in closed-group format. They can be tailored fully to your needs.

Personal Leadership & Team Development

Helping leaders understand themselves and to build their ability to develop, inspire and empower others.

Leading with Purpose

Explore and align your “Values, Why and Legacy” in order to inspire others in the virtual space.​

Building Personal Resilience

Understand where and why we need to build resilience, and how to break existing habits to create change.

Coaching Skills for Managers

Explore the benefits of coaching, the three pillars and GROW coaching models, plus different coaching styles.

Influencing Others

Explore different styles of influencing and how to achieve a successful outcome.

Leading in Uncertainty

Reflect on your preferred style of leadership and how you can adapt this for the ever-changing world

Leading Virtual Teams

Understand how leading virtual teams differs from working in person.

Managing Difficult Conversations

Understand what drives difficult conversations, and how to manage them effectively.

Mindful Leadership in Times of Crisis

Explore the concept of mindfulness, its link to leadership and how to practice it.

Motivating Your Team

Appreciate how motivation drives behavior at work, and learn how to motivate your team.

The Business of Sleep

How quality, quantity and patterns of sleep impact the health, business and personal lives of managers.

Presence, Power & Impact in the Virtual Space

Increase awareness and skills around virtual presence.

Self-awareness for Managers

Improve self-awareness and recognize its benefits for teams and organizations.

Speaking Up and Being Heard

Understand and practice the personal and organizational imperative to speak up and listen to others.

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Innovation & Digital Transformation

Supporting the growth of innovative leaders capable of leading large-scale, organization-wide transformation.

Building a Growth Mindset

Understand the system thinking behind creativity, innovation and growth.

Creative Problem-Solving

The psychology of creativity and how problem-solving approaches can create innovative leaders.

Data Analytics

Discover the core skills of data analytics, including interpretation and communication of data patterns.

Disruptive Innovation

Explore the strategies used by disruptors—and those being disrupted—to remain competitive.

Innovation Strategies

Discover the frameworks behind corporate innovation.

Introduction to Digital Transformation

Explore different approaches to digital transformation and how organizations are impacted in digital environments.

Project Management

Balance the demands of time, quality, scope and cost inherent in any project.

Virtual Meetings

Establish practices and tools for collaborating virtually​.

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Business Strategy

Empowering leaders to develop sustainable business strategies to adapt and thrive in changing environments.

Advanced Negotiation Skills

Expand leaders’ skills to give them more choices when handling negotiations and conflict.

Building a Customer-Centric Company

Discover how to drive growth with a more customer-focused organization.

Business Planning in Turbulent Times

Skills and techniques to adapt to fast-moving environments so that organizations can thrive in the long term.

Introduction to Risk Management

Identify and analyse risk in a complex and volatile word.

Introduction to Negotiation Skills

Learn core negotiation skills including active listening, criteria-setting and creating options for mutual gain.

Financial Budgeting & Forecasting

Identify common financial decisions and how to evaluate current financial health.

Future Trends and Scenario Planning

Adapt to new opportunities and mitigate adverse effects. Can businesses plan for unknown forces and events?

Sustainability as a Business Accelerator

Learn how to innovate within your business in order to address key global challenges.

Strategic Decision-Making

Understand how to reduce bias and improve both individual and collective decision-making.

Strategic Thinking

Think strategically about an organization, its environment, objectives and resources.

Virtual Strategic Leadership

Develop a virtual strategy and create engagement, particularly when responding in a crisis.

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Change & Culture

Supporting individuals to develop change leadership skills and enabling organization-wide culture change.

A Sense of Belonging in the Workplace

Learn how to foster a sense of belonging in your team and organization.​

Developing a Cultural Outlook

Learn how to identify cultural codes in everyday intercultural encounters.​

The Global Mindset

Understand the 8 steps to becoming more culturally intelligent

Agile Learning

Explore the growth mindset necessary to adapt to today’s ambiguous and fast-paced world.

Change & Crisis Management

Develop mechanisms to respond in a productive way to change and to support colleagues and teams.

Diversity & Inclusion to Drive Growth

Understand why inclusive leadership matters and how diversity is vital to drive innovation and growth.

Hearing the Female Voice in the Workplace

Explore strategies for disrupting the power relations that silence women.

Leading Cross-Cultural Teams

Lead high-performing cross-cultural teams in an increasingly globalized world.

Introduction to Psychological Safety

Help teams feel safe to experiment, innovate, give and receive feedback and perform under pressure.

Leading Change

Develop approaches to manage and minimise resistance to change.

The Art of Corporate Storytelling

Learn how to tell stories that connect people with each other.

Successful Culture Change

Develop the tools and patterns necessary to encourage a positive work culture.

Working & Communicating Remotely

Understand the complexities of remote working and build strategies for effective connection.

Working and Communicating Remotely Across Cultures

Understand the complexities of remote working and build strategies for ensuring you can connect effectively across cultures.

Negotiating Across Cultures

Learn core negotiation skills including active listening, criteria setting and creating options for mutual gain when negotiation across cultures.

Psychological Safety in Multi-Cultural teams

Enable your multi-cultural team to feel safe to experiment, innovate, give and receive feedback and perform under pressure.

A Sense of Belonging in a Cross-cultural Workplace

Learn how to foster a sense of belonging in your cross-cultural team and organization.

Strategies to Manage Conflict Across Cultures

Learn how to resolve cultural conflict and develop strategies to avoid unproductive conflict in the future.

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The professor guided us very well and did a fantastic job of communicating and connecting with the participants, making the experience feel engaging and personal. When I finished the course, I had many ideas on how to put my learnings into practice. It was very informative, practical and a great use of my time.

Digital Marketing Director, Travel industry

The professor was a great presenter, he used slides, breakout rooms when necessary, and videos. Overall, "Project Management" is one of the best online classes I have ever experienced.

Marketing Operations Director, Education Industry

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