Business Challenges

We partner with you to make an impact on your organization’s strategic initiatives and business challenges.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Inclusion is imperative for business as well as society. A diverse workforce that feels a sense of belonging is more engaged, more productive and more innovative, presenting a huge opportunity for growth. Diverse teams must trust their organization and operate within a psychologically safe environment to fully leverage their talents and ideas. We work alongside CEOs, executives and senior leaders to align on the need for change, recognise the leadership consequences, and develop the skills necessary to move forward. We focus on behaviours not quotas, and utilize extensive Change research and experience to help you remove bias and build a cognitively diverse workforce. We help diverse teams to communicate effectively and gain equal access to further development, and we support organizations to co-create an inclusive culture.

Leading Sustainability

Addressing global issues including climate change, biodiversity and human rights is incredibly urgent, and crucial to safeguard our existence and quality of life. Having a robust strategy and coherent voice on these issues is increasingly a prerequisite to doing business with the world’s leading companies, and critical for attracting a new generation of talent and customers. Companies partner with us to help turn their ambition into action. Together we build engagement, awareness and ownership, identifying risks and harnessing opportunities for change in ourselves, our employers and our communities.

Cultural Transformation

Culture lives within our shared history, stories, and how our people act when no one is watching. Leaders and organizations need to consciously work on shaping their own culture and acknowledge that if they want to achieve real change, they need to bring their people with them. We partner with organizations to co-create and strategically steer that culture shift, allowing the company’s DNA to shine through while embedding the positive leadership behaviours and communication skills needed to support its evolution.

Digital Transformation

Operating models are being disrupted and the nature of work is changing fast. Teams are more dispersed than ever yet need to work together in even closer harmony to achieve their goals. Wherever you are on your digital transformation journey, implementing your strategy successfully requires a human-centric approach. We help your employees to be more collaborative, more agile and more connected, leveraging the latest diagnostics, innovative thinking and industry experience to assist you in driving digital change.

Post M&A Integration

Beyond the boardroom and the balance sheet exists another, complex set of opportunities and risks in connecting people from different cultures and geographies together to maximize their strengths. It is vital to lead the change from the front and build an organization that is greater than the sum of its parts through shared communication, culture, and values. Our programs connect global teams, reducing cultural and communication barriers, and thereby enabling businesses to leverage their strengths and synergies right away.

Well-being & Resilience

As life and work demands more and more of us, organizations have become acutely aware of the importance of the resilience of their leaders and wellbeing of their teams. Leaders need to learn which activities, attitudes and techniques bring the best out of themselves and others, enabling sustainable, high performance over an extended period of time. We are able to provide a range of programs that help individuals build their own resilience as well as that of their team, give them techniques to overcome isolation and fatigue, and be the best version of themselves at work.

High-Potential Talent Attraction and Retention

One of the top priorities for global business is finding and nurturing the best talent. Organizations must be able to articulate their values and culture to employees whether existing or prospective, give them purpose, vision, and the tools to fulfil their potential. They need to continuously provide relevant, valuable growth opportunities throughout their careers. We help organizations understand the demands of today’s talent and provide a comprehensive suite of development tools ready for life-long learning and future career progression.

Working and Leading Remotely

The likelihood of businesses achieving their goals is increasingly dependent on how well they can organize, engage, collaborate and lead virtually. The effects of good and bad practices are amplified when working remotely. Leaders who can communicate and influence virtually, both internally and externally, will continue to make the most impact now and in the future. We enable dispersed teams to collaborate effectively and leaders to learn the techniques to communicate meaningfully with their people in the virtual sphere.

Global Mobility Strategies

Today’s business thrives on recruiting the best talent from around the world, and being able to deploy the right skill sets, in the right location or virtually, at the right time. It is vital that friction is reduced, employees feel fully supported, and can hit the ground running. Our programs enable expat employees to learn the local language and culture fast, embedding them quickly within their teams and supporting them to integrate smoothly within the local community.

Leadership Challenges

In times of challenge and change, leaders at all levels need to be able to inspire and sustain high-performing teams, find solutions quickly and grasp opportunities when they arise. All leaders need support to build self-awareness and explore their strengths, enabling them to get the best from themselves and others. We partner with organizations to diagnose their challenges and the underlying causes, before co-designing a complete, holistic solution. With a firm focus on immersive experiences that are practical and relevant to the individual, we make sure that learning sticks and is applied in the workplace right away.

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