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Navigating a New Future - Leadership for Net Zero

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How can your organization prepare for a sustainable recovery after the uncertainty of the pandemic?

Following the past year, business leaders have found themselves facing leadership challenges they never imagined.

For them and their organizations the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic may remain for some time but as we come through it thoughts have been directed towards organizing economic recovery and how to build back sustainably rather than simply returning to our lives as before.

With this in mind, how can leaders develop a different mindset to succeed in this new future, where addressing social challenges may be as important as the bottom line?

Our new report, written by Matthew Gitsham, Director of the Hult Centre for Business and Sustainability, provides practical insights into:

  • the new mindset needed to achieve a sustainable recovery and implications for business leaders

  • the skillset for leading change inside and outside the organization and advocating for government action

  • the implications for talent management and executive development

Key findings:

  • Today’s business leaders need to see addressing social challenges not as a source of cost but at the core of how they create value.

  • A key role business leaders have played to help build back better has been calling for governments to integrate action on sustainability into economic stimulus packages in the aftermath of the initial Covid-19 shocks.

  • Giving senior executives the chance to develop relationships with people experiencing some of the world’s most pressing challenges helps to develop their mindset and skillset.

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