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When you should consider online training

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The spread of the coronavirus presents new challenges for organizations. Businesses are making difficult decisions and taking new measures that force employees to adapt to new working environments. With many employees working from home, minimizing the impact on businesses and keeping workforces motivated have become top priorities for global organizations.

Here at EF, we understand the need to continue supporting your talent providing new learning and development opportunities while they work remotely. To ensure you maximize the development of your home-bound workers, an online training program might be the right solution for your organization.

Today’s Human Resources and Training managers are looking for flexible, relevant, and effective learning methods for the employees that are constantly connected and on the move. You want to make sure that your business goals are met while your workforce remains motivated, engaged, and focused.

More and more organizations are choosing online learning as their preferred method after seeing rapid growth in the past years, accounting today for about one-third of corporate training and development programs.

Here are some reasons why you would want to pick online training and how you could benefit from it:

8 reasons why online training might be your solution:

1 – It really works!

Whether it is strictly virtual or a blended model, online learning yields a stronger student learning outcome than classes that work on solely face-to-face instruction.

Numerous studies have shown that students find online learning more efficient than traditional classrooms. Long gone are the days where you had to attend a class in a certain place, where you would spend regularly spend hours, trying to accomplish your learning goals.

2 – It’s flexible

Today’s professional is typically always busy. Especially when it comes to learning, it is tricky to fit the time into their hectic schedules.

Studies have shown that adults learn best when the learning environment can be adapted to suit their lives. Online learning gives the freedom to decide when to learn, whether it’s at work, home or while traveling. Learners take control over their own experience, working at the pace and style that best suits them.

3 – It’s efficient

In general, a subject can be taught in a much shorter time in a virtual format than in a face-to-face classroom.

Since the biggest cost of any corporate training is the time each learner spends on the training itself, any efficiency in timesaving can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Our recent Capgemini Case Study has shown that the organization managed to reduce their training investment by 25%, training 5 times more employees while achieving a cost per learning hour far below the average by consolidating their language training providers and offering an engaging online training program.

4- It allows for more variety

Peoples’ learning habits and the way they learn are different. Everyone has a predominant learning style, such as visual, auditory or even social.

Online learning provides a range of activities that can accommodate all these styles, allowing or even suggesting the learner to choose what works best for them.

5 – Reporting and accountability are easier

Knowing the return on investment for any training initiative is important, but managing training for hundreds or thousands of employees can be a daunting prospect.

What makes tracking and attribution easier are the advanced software tools often incorporated in online training platforms, such as EF’s reporting center. These tools offer an easy, manageable and quick way to track the results of your training programs, ensuring your employees are on track and making the most of your investment.

6 – It’s more scalable

Change is constant in business, and the number of employees that need training can fluctuate greatly from month to month. The traditional face-to-face way of learning can make it difficult to accommodate these changes. It can create friction, as it takes a lot of time and effort to rearrange schedules and logistics. On the other hand, with online training, it is easy to change the number of learners without creating a lot of admin effort.

7 – It’s easier to access

In the mobile era, online learning is more accessible than ever. Smartphones, tablets and mobile devices allow learners to study at any given moment.

The latest edition of the Mary Meeker report “Internet Trends 2019”, highlights a significant increase in mobile usage year after year which today accounts for almost 60% of internet usage.

Not only mobile learning is convenient, but it also nudges learners across the line from formal into informal learning.

8 – It’s more cost-effective

Online learning can be more cost-effective than traditional classroom-based learning. Our recent Diversey case study has shown that by working with the right language training provider and assessing the needs of the organization to train the right people, the organization managed to reduce training costs by 70% per annum.

These are a few reasons why online training might be the right training solution for your organization. If you are ready to provide a quick solution in these times of uncertainty, speak to an expert today.

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