Personal Leadership & Team Development

Helping leaders understand themselves and to build their ability to develop, inspire and empower others.

Our approach

Building on 20th century leadership philosophy, where the emphasis on the 'person’ meant development focused on personality and behaviors of individual leaders, we introduce a 21st century leadership approach, which responds to the disruptions and ambiguities of today. We see leadership as a process that is continuously unfolding and shared by many. It is relational, contextual and distributed.

We help individuals understand their unique strengths and consider their personal legacy, expanding and blending their repertoire to meet the needs of their team and organization.

We help you

Achieve a strong, sustainable leadership and organization behavior that is agile, whilst staying true to its core purpose.

How we can support you

We help people develop and understand how to balance leadership skills and behaviour; making tough decisions without compromising their humanity; turning change into opportunity; being innovative while managing the day-to-day; dealing with complex challenges while coaching their team and being personally resilient.

Individual development

Having the self-awareness, tenacity, and resilience to enable action. We focus on creating a curious, learner mindset and more courageous leaders.

Leadership team development

A relational and coaching approach to team leadership.

Diversity and inclusion

Including cognitive diversity, bias and how to create an inclusive culture.

Board and executive team development

Supporting intact teams working together.

Learning formats

We offer fully customized solutions for your needs, as well as ready-to-learn open programs.

Fully customized solutions

We have deep expertise designing and delivering customized learning solutions rooted in client inquiry and co-creation. Our solutions relate to real business challenges, and have meaningful impact.
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Ready-to-learn programs

We offer a full range of open enrollment programs, for leaders of all levels: senior executives, managers and directors or high potentials
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