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No two companies or people are alike, so why would our programs be? Our expertise in learning and teaching methodologies enables us to create a custom curriculum to meet the unique requirements of each organization we work with.

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Experience our award-winning online delivery, expert teachers and global campuses with an education tailored to your needs. Our task-based, immersive approach to learning is supported by an innovative digital platform, and we offer options like private language coaches and flexible scheduling to further customize how you learn.


As one of the world’s most innovative online learning schools, our self-study, group and private lessons are best in class.
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Our courses combine the best of face-to-face training with modern, relevant online learning tools.
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Study abroad

For immediate and specialized language training needs, an immersion course abroad is often the fastest way to progress.
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We asked EF at the beginning of the lockdown to reinvent the face-to-face program to continue our employees’ development during the crisis period, and the best way was to quickly transition to using the virtual classroom. In this case, digital methods allowed us to do what we could not do otherwise because of the constraints we had.

Success story with Zambon

We helped Zambon, the multinational pharmaceutical company from Italy, to switch all language training programs to online at the beginning of a national lockdown. Ensuring that learning continues during the crisis has avoided knowledge stagnation and loss of momentum in Zambon’s learning projects. It has also helped maintain that sense of community and support network amongst the employees.

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The results are great, and there is no discernible difference in our participants’ evaluations from before and after moving everything online. I’m very glad that we found great support from the EF people we work with, they understand our needs. It’s not so easy to change the rules of the game, while you are playing it!

Matteo Villa, Training Global HR at Zambon

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